Let's make your photos natural, iconic and creative.

You want beautiful photos, to remember that chic dress that looks like it was made for you and the floral arrangement that is the perfect balance of elegant and wild. You want images of you as a couple that look like there's no one in the world but the two of you. 

 But you also want to enjoy time with your guests. You don't want to miss your apero cocktails and those crafted little bites to eat. You want to chat with your aunt and laugh with your friends, to soak up every moment of those precious hours of celebration.

My belief is that effective documentary photography shows how a day unfolds and doesn't force moments or interactions. That is why I have created my packages in a way that doesn't remove you from your party for hours.  You spent a long time planning this day - you should be able to enjoy it.

About Me

I specialize in documentary wedding photography with an editorial flare. People. Glances. Timeless romance. 

I live in a chocolate heaven full of little goats and pear-flavored schnapps - more commonly known as Switzerland. I am also extremely happy when my clients take me to other destinations with good food - Italy, I'm looking at you.

On summer nights you can find me lounging around the kitchen with my boyfriend, a glass of wine in hand and a hot pan of food on the stove. Cooking is an endless fascination for me - if I wasn't so hopelessly in love with photographing people I would probably be feeding them.

I spent several years traveling around Europe, and learned a lot by observing people.
When you don’t understand the language someone speaks you start to focus on the other ways they communicate. You see how they lean in to speak, or how they touch - arms, hands, backs. These types of observations have become a signature part of my photography (though don't worry, I have learned some German along the way!).

I watch, I anticipate the moves I know are coming next. It's thrilling, and it's how I tell your stories back to you with photographs.

" Melissa was such a pleasure to be around, and she directed us in a way that made us comfortable in front of the camera and created organic moments. Those genuine emotions really shine through in the photographs."

- Ashley & Steve

I love

I grew up watching the classic old movies my parents loved and when I left for college to pursue a Fine Art degree I had an embarrassing crush on Cary Grant and the idea that a camel coat and white button down shirt are key pieces in a woman's closet.

Those love stories in grainy black and white showed visions of sad goodbyes in the rain, reunions on anonymous steps in Italy, laughter and flirtations over cocktail glasses. They shaped my idea of what photos should communicate, how they should give you an inescapable emotion, visions of love and laughter, of happiness through tears and the reality of how a time and place felt. This is my guide when I photograph - these timeless, classic and iconic images of what love looks like.

My images are a carefully curated mixture of posed and prompted editorial images but equally important are the moments between the poses, when you show how you naturally interact - those are the photos that often unexpectedly summarize the experiences of you and you your loved ones on your wedding day.


I do creative documentary photography combined with editorial portraiture. I am inspired by old movies and the timeless and romantic nature of classic scenes and black and white photos. I love people, how they interact, what their movement's say to each other, how they set the scene at your wedding. 

About my work

I approach a wedding day with the goal of finding the most beautiful way to document what is already happening. I prioritize real moments over staged ones, and focus on movements between poses. I want my reportage of your day to be truthful and emotional. In order to do this I love to get to know who my couples are and how I can help them be completely relaxed when we take photos. Your photos are something we create together, and the results are extremely important to me. 

I have been photographing weddings for over 6 years and have been lucky to gain a client base full of creative, fun and completely unique couples. They sometimes do things a little unconventionally, and I work hard to create something special and completely personal with each one of them. I thoroughly photograph the day, but in a less traditional way - a part of my work that my clients really value. 

About my couples

"We are obsessed with these photos. Consider me getting zero work done today as I gush over them over and over and over. They are AMAZING!!! We love them all."

-Leah & Josh